• Overview

    Honouring Environmental Best Practice in South Africa

    Every year, the Mail & Guardian scours the country to find noteworthy and newsworthy environmental projects to profile in its annual Greening the Future Awards. The efforts of communities, companies, organisations and individuals to create a cleaner planet without compromising progress are showcased at a prestigious awards ceremony and in special reports published by the M&G.

    In 2015, Africa's best read celebrates its 30th anniversary and Greening the Future plans to mark the occasion in several ways. Not least will be the introduction of a new Editor's Choice Award for South Africa's environmental project that stands out as a shining example of best practice in the field.

    Every year, Greening the Future receives hundreds of entries from projects around the country in the 10 categories below that are judged by an independent, respected panel of judges. For the past 12 years we have featured forward-thinking green projects that help combat climate change, encourage renewable energy and foster the strategic management of natural resources. We invite you to join us in the 2015 celebrations.

    We invite companies, parastatals, NGOs, schools, institutions and individuals to join in the celebration by showcasing your success stories. Videos of winning projects and finalists will be flighted on the award-winning M&G Online platform, in addition to the being featured across the M&G's multi-media publications, and at an annual gala awards evening that is the highlight of Green SA's calendar.

    Entries open on 20 March 2015 and close 30 April 2015

  • 2015 Award Categories

    Select the categories that apply to this entry (at least one category is required).

  • 1. General Information

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  • 2. Project description

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  • 3. Impact of project / initiative

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    b. Specify the contribution of the project / initiative to:
    1. - Decreasing environmental impact.
    2. - Biodiversity conservation and management.
    3. - Water conservation and demand management.
    4. - Waste management and recycling.
    5. - Low carbon development.
    6. - Energy efficiency and renewable energy.
    c. Specify the contribution of the project / initiative to (max 300 words):
    1. - Job creation.
    2. - Community development.
    3. - Gender awareness and empowerment.
    4. - Youth development.
    5. - SME development.
    6. - Training and learnerships.
  • 4. Profile of applicant company / organisation

    * Required

    e. Describe measures taken by your company / organisation to mitigate its environmental impact, including measures for (max 200 words):
    1. - Biodiversity conservation and management.
    2. - Water conservation and demand management.
    3. - Waste management and recycling.
    4. - Low carbon development.
    5. - Energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • 5. Corporate leadership

    * Required

    a. Describe measures undertaken by your company / organisation to:
    1. - Actively engage with your employees on environmental /sustainability issues.
    2. - Address environmental /sustainability issues with your supply chain.
    3. - Engage with other corporate or organistational leaders on environmental/sustainability issues.